Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Today we honour the memory of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, who at the age of 16 was all fired-up with the idea of being a missionary.  His father wanted him to become a soldier but begrudgingly allowed him to enter the Jesuit novitiate in Rome.  Aloysius helped out in the local hospital caring for plaque victims, […]

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Saint Alban

Today we honour the memory of Saint Alban, the first Christian to shed his blood for Christ in England.  Saint Bede – the author of The Ecclesiastical History of the English People – tells us that Alban was converted to Christianity by a persecuted priest whom he sheltered from the Roman authorities.  Alban was arrested […]

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Corpus Christi

All of us approach the Mass, and indeed the Church and all of her Sacraments, in different ways; we each come here today with differing agendas, expectations, and attitudes.  We come with our own personal histories; we each carry our own burdens of personal problems.  Some of us are here because we love God, some […]

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Saint Richard of Chichester

Today we honour the memory of Saint Richard of Chichester, who is not quite a local saint, but he was chancellor to our own Saint Edmund of Abingdon when he was Archbishop of Canterbury.  After Saint Edmund’s death Richard was appointed Bishop of Chichester.  He was also a Dominican tertiary.  The Church in England honours […]

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