Tuesday of the 6th Week of Easter

If you were to read parts of the gospel today out of context, it would sound like an old-fashioned fire-and-brimstone sermon.  But, of course, it’s not; it’s a description of three key roles of the Holy Spirit. Our Lord’s disciples are coming to realise that Jesus won’t be with them forever.  But Our Lord assures […]

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Monday of the 6th Week of Easter

We know more about Lydia than we do about some of the apostles.  Lydia was a successful businesswoman.  We know she was a Gentile who participated in Jewish worship services.  We know that through Paul she was converted to Christ and was baptised.  In fact, Lydia’s was the first recorded conversion in all of Europe. […]

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Sixth Sunday of Easter

Some of you may have seen the musical about the world’s most famous orphan: ‘Annie’.  One of the most memorable songs from the show is “It’s a Hard-Knocks Life for us”.  Now, I don’t have the confidence to sing it for you, but the orphans’ musical lament can be summed up in one memorable line […]

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Saturday of the 5th Week of Easter

Saint Paul travelled from town to town, and even from country to country, in order to preach the Good News.   He didn’t journey like a tourist though; there was hard work involved and sleepless nights, with no place to call home.  Nor was the reaction of the people always favourable.  In many ways Saint Paul […]

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Dedication of Portsmouth Cathedral

Today marks the 135th anniversary of the dedication of Saint John’s Cathedral, Portsmouth on 19th May 1882.  Like any other church or chapel, the cathedral church is first and foremost a house of prayer, where Christian people gather to raise their minds and hearts to God in the name of Christ, to praise him, and […]

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