We are so used to walking into a darkened room and turning on a light switch so that we can see where we’re going; that it’s easy to take the invention of the light bulb for granted.  It may take a power cut to remind us of how much the simple light bulb has changed our lives.  We don’t have to fuss about cleaning and priming paraffin lamps or making sure we have enough candles on hand like our grandparents or great grandparents did.

Our Lord’s listeners knew well and fully appreciated the value of light whether from a candle, a hearth or an oil lamp.  By its very nature light can’t be hoarded.  It even seems to bend around corners, illuminating all within its reach.  Light gives us a sense of safety, clarity and welcome, inviting others to come in.  It’s no wonder, then, that Our Lord compares the Word of God to light.  The Word, too, is meant to be shared.  It becomes the focal point of community where all are welcome.  God’s Word can and does help us find our way and we seek to build stronger families and communities.

As we go forth from this Mass strengthened by God’s Word, let us resolve to do one simple thing.  Each time we turn on a light switch let’s pause for a moment to reflect how we might share the light of our faith and God’s Word with those we meet.


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