Here in England the Solemnity of All Saints is transferred to Sunday

Throughout the land yesterday evening, children and some young-at-heart adults followed the example of our American cousins and put on costumes and pretended to be someone or something else.  Today Our Lord and Saint Paul ask us to put on costumes to be our best selves.  Our Lord asks us to put on humility.   Saint Paul tells us that he has put on Christ; the implication being that we should do the same.

Putting on humility isn’t really a game of let’s pretend, it’s simply being our real selves, recognising our solidarity with others, realising that everyone else has the same human dignity that we have.  Being willing to sit in the lowest place doesn’t come from a poor self-image, rather it’s evidence that we are comfortable enough with who we are, not to have to shove ourselves in front of others.  How different our meetings and our motorway driving would be, if we all tried to let others go first.

Later on in his letter Saint Paul will tell the Philippians that Christ humbled himself even unto death.  For Saint Paul, to live was to be in Christ and he was willing to join Christ in death, because he knew that the humility of death would bring the exaltation of life with Christ in heaven.  Saint Paul was also willing to remain in humble service on earth, so that the Philippians could make further progress in faith.  He wasn’t pushing to get ahead, only willing to serve where the Lord wanted him.

When we were baptised we put on Christ; and in effect we wear Our Lord much like a costume.  We spend our lives trying to get that costume into our every thought, word and deed.  If we can honestly say with Saint Paul: “All that matters is that Christ is being proclaimed,” then we can look forward to spending eternity in the company of all the saints whom we will honour tomorrow.


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