When we hear of an approaching storm, some people get worried and anxious.  In certain areas of the world that are prone to severe storms people have built their homes according to strict safety standards so that they can withstand an onslaught of gale and hurricane force winds.

God wants us to build our lives on the rock of his Word: the most solid foundation we can have.  And for this to happen, we must work with Our Lord as we would work with a trusted architect.  As we allow him to “build” us according to his exacting standards, we will have less to fear when the storms of life rise up against us.

It’s not always easy to let Our Lord do the building.  We may want him to use the standards we have already set.  But he wants to start at the very foundation, uprooting whatever is weak and whatever is contrary to his plans for us.  Our Lord knows that if our foundation is weak then we are vulnerable to the devil, the world, and our own fallen nature.

It’s comforting to know that Our Lord is always with us, even when something happens to tear down our old foundations.  We are not doomed to weather the storms of life on our own.  Our Lord wants us to trust in him to such a degree that we always choose to obey his commands, however difficult they may seem.  When the winds begin to blow, he wants us to turn to the Father and let him strengthen us.  He wants to fight the battles we cannot fight on our own.  All we have to do is trust and obey, and he will build us into a strong and secure dwelling for his Holy Spirit.


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