Saint John was an ordinary man, the son of a fisherman, with a limited education.  Yet because of his love for Christ and his determination to remain open to the Holy Spirit, he left us with some of the most profound writings in all of Sacred Scripture.  How did this happen?  The answer is simple: John saw and he believed.

From the moment he left his fishing boat, John dedicated himself to knowing Jesus better.  By meditating on all he saw and heard from Our Lord, John allowed the Holy Spirit to strengthen his growing faith with even deeper understanding.  Through his meditation, John came to see Jesus as the Bread of Life, the Good Shepherd, and the Light of the World: all of the messages that made their way into the gospel that bears his name.

John’s story gives us such great hope.  For if the Holy Spirit could reveal so much to a humble fisherman from Galilee, he can surely reveal Our Lord just as clearly to us.  Every day, we have the opportunity to spend time in quiet reflection and meditation.  It is in this time that we can ponder Our Lord’s words in the gospels, we can ask him questions, and tell him the needs and desires of our heart.  As John reclined against Our Lord at the Last Supper, we too can be as close to him, kneeling or sitting in his presence and asking him to teach us more and more about himself.

These days which bring us closer to the New Year offer a great opportunity for us to make some decisions about how we are going to approach the upcoming year.  Let us all make a decision today that 2015 will be our year to seek the Holy Spirit and to ask him to reveal Our Lord to us in new and exciting ways.


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