Throughout the gospels, we read about Our Lord healing the sick, strengthening the weak, and comforting those who hurt.  But how did it start?  In many of the accounts, it was the people themselves who sought out Jesus or at least someone else who sought him out on their behalf.  Word about Our Lord’s power and miracles was all they needed to seek his healing presence.

In today’s gospel, Our Lord talks about filling old wineskins with new wine.  That new wine is the Spirit, which he loves to pour out for our healing, our empowerment, and our restoration.  But Jesus won’t force himself.  He wants us to turn to him, to ask him to come in.  And that is the new wineskin.  He is waiting for each of us to put aside all that is “old” and separated from him so that we can embrace the new.

And there’s the rub. To experience Jesus, we have to change.  The good news is that not only will Jesus help us along the way, he will take our small efforts at change and multiply them a hundred times over.  Sometimes, he will even change us without our realizing it, drawing out the person he created us to be just as a jeweller takes the precious diamond out of the rough to be a shining and pure gem.

Our Lord wants to help us, but he is looking for us to turn to him.  He is looking for a little effort on our part so that when we receive his new wine, the old wineskin won’t crack.

Today, let us ask Our Lord what we can do to move closer to him.  Then, let’s take that tiny step of faith and ask him to work a miracle in us.


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