With energy prices so high, it stands to reason that exploring alternative energy sources is very important for the world’s future.  And yet at the same time, the world still has vast untapped resources that can be used right now.  I read the other day that Brazil and Venezuela combined have the potential to produce over six hundred billion barrels of oil.  The United States could produce an estimated 2.3 trillion barrels.  Here in the U.K. ‘fracking’ for shale gas could keep our fires burning a little while longer.  And yet all these resources will remain unused unless we can find a safe way to bring them out from under the ground.

Our Lord has some very important things to say about untapped resources, but he’s talking about the resources within us: our gifts and our talents.  Much like the earth’s resources, they were given to us for a reason: they are meant to be used and not kept hidden “under a basket”.  But there are a couple of remarkable differences between our resources and those found in nature.  Oil will eventually run out, and there are some places where we shouldn’t even go drilling to get it.  But there’s no limit on how we can use our gifts.  In fact, the more we use them, the more they grow.  The more we give out, the more we have to give.

Most people don’t realize the awesome potential they have for building up the Kingdom of God.  Or we may wonder if we are using our gifts to the fullest.  We are all tiny cogs in the great machine of life, and we all make a unique contribution, however small, and if we weren’t there we would be missed.

God has called each of us to shine in different ways, and each light does something to scatter the darkness in the world.  Joined together in Christ, we can become an amazing source of renewable, spiritual energy.


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