We all celebrate birthdays in one way or another but never the day on which we were conceived, probably because most people don’t even know that exact day.  Today’s feast is a commemoration of the conception of Our Lord in his mother’s womb.  This first flicker of human life would become the Saviour of the World.

I wonder did Our Lady fully understand all she was consenting to when the angel spoke to her?  Did she realise that she would give birth to her God?  That we don’t know.  But Our Lady did put flesh on the invisible God so that we could see him.  On this day Mary began to prepare for us the Way, the Truth and the Life.  It’s hard for us to understand just what a dignity the Son of God bestowed on the people of this earth by his willingness to become human.  And so today causes us to think about our origins, of how and why we came to be; of how we were wanted by our parents.

Let us also spare a thought and a prayer for those millions of lives that have been cut short through the crime of abortion.  Today’s feast of the Annunciation teaches us that life begins at conception, not at birth.

What does legalised abortion and abortion on demand say for our society?  Our Lord said: “By their deeds you shall know them”.   The very presence of this social disease in otherwise civilised countries confirms a lack of commitment to the Christian ethic, which values every human person regardless of age, condition, or developmental stage.  As a society we are guilty of the murder of the helpless infant in the womb.  Who will be next: will it be the terminally ill, the disabled or the unemployed, will it be Jews or Catholics – history does have a tendency to repeat itself.   We may well ask where will it end?   We can all help to do something about it when we vote for those who lead us in the political realm.  We should all make our votes count the next time we cast them.


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