During this entire week the Church continues to celebrate the festival of Easter.  And we celebrate not a moment in history, but the meaning of all history.  This week of Resurrection should make us think back to the week of Creation because in creating us God gave us the gift of freedom.  Now as we are all too aware, freedom involves the risk of abuse, and sin is the result of an abuse of our freedom.  And yet in the very moment in which God created us free, he also decreed an antidote for sin, the sending of his own Son, who through his suffering and death would destroy that eternal death which is the penalty for sin, and by rising from the dead he would restore the eternal life that was forfeited by sin.

On the morning of the resurrection Our Lord greeted the women with the words: “Peace, do not be afraid!”  This is the great Easter message from the Risen Saviour.  We no longer need be afraid as we journey through life.  We can have peace in our hearts because we believe that Jesus has overcome the great obstacle of death.  And in faith we cry out in the memorial acclamation: We proclaim your Death, O Lord, and profess your Resurrection, until you come again.

One day each of us must face that awesome moment of death.  But as people of faith we approach that moment with the realization that Our Lord has gone before us in death only to rise triumphant in glory.  As we follow him in death, so will we follow him in Resurrection.


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