For many of us books, films, music and the arts in general, have a way of tugging at our heartstrings and boosting our adrenaline; they can touch and reawaken strong, basic emotions in us.

Who among us has not felt as well the tug of conviction, the longing to do something in the real world when faced with a person in need or a situation in which we might be useful?  Have we not wanted to do our part for the victims of natural disasters or the neighbour down the road whose fear of falling keeps her housebound and isolated?

The first reading sets before us the example of Saint Stephen, who listened to the inner tugging of the Holy Spirit and spoke with conviction as he gave witness to Christ.  And in the gospel Our Lord himself reminds us that those inner promptings may really be a longing for the justice, peace and mercy that the Bread of Life alone provides.

As we leave this Mass today strengthened and nourished by Our Lord’s Body and Blood, may we follow Saint Stephen’s example and follow those inner promptings by building up God’s kingdom in our everyday world.


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