Our Lord promised that the Holy Spirit would reveal the truth about himself to the Church.  The guidance of the Holy Spirit has fulfilled Our Lord’s words and has revealed a great irony in the divine plan.  He has shown that the view of the world about Jesus is just the opposite of the truth.

Just think back to some of the circumstances that led to Our Lord’s crucifixion.  Those who plotted Our Lord’s death did so out of a false piety by which they pretended to be doing God’s will.  Our Lord wasn’t guilty of any sin; rather his accusers were guilty of sin by not believing in him.  Some people ridiculed Our Lord for calling God his Father, and jeered that if God were his Father he would save him.  They didn’t understand that it was precisely through his suffering and death that Our Lord would return to his Father in glory.  Evil men saw Our Lord’s death as Satan’s triumph over good.  But it was Our Lord’s death that condemned evil to impotency; for it was in dying that he destroyed death.

This kind of divine irony is always at work.  In the first reading it wasn’t Paul and Silas who were deprived of freedom in prison.  Rather it was the jailer, forced, as he was to treat shamefully these innocent men.  The Holy Spirit moved him to see the truth through the extraordinary event of the earthquake.

Christianity is a different way of living, it’s a sharing in the divine irony, in which the poor are blessed, the sorrowful receive joy, and the dead rise to everlasting life.


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