Abraham cared a great deal about his nephew Lot, despite the contention between their servants and the fact that Lot was prone to making poor choices.  Refusing to give up on Lot, Abraham interceded for him and we heard yesterday how Abraham bargained with God in order to preserve the town where Lot had chosen to live.

God listened to Abraham’s prayer and sent his angels to warn Lot of the impending judgment that was about to be visited upon Sodom.  When Lot hesitated, the angels even took him and his family by the hand and pulled them away from imminent disaster.  All this because Abraham had interceded for his nephew.

Like Abraham we may be the means by which God saves another person from danger: either physical or spiritual.  It could be someone close to us or a stranger who walks in from the street.  God wants every person on earth to turn away from sin and be transformed by his love.  And we all have a role to play in that process through what we say and perhaps more by the example of our lives.

But whatever happens we should never give up.  When it comes to intercession and evangelization, it’s always too soon to quit.


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