Friday of the 17th Week in Ordinary Time

The first reading today is a summary of the liturgical year observed by the Jews.  Feasts were established so that the Israelites might never forget the great events of their history in which God saved them from slavery and established them as his own people.  These events are also important to us, not only because they are part of our own salvation history, but because they are the foreshadowing of our own feast days.

Within the cycle of a year the Church unfolds for us the whole mystery of Christ, from his Incarnation all the way through to his Ascension.

The people of his home-town rejected Our Lord; but perhaps even worse than being rejected is to be accepted and then forgotten.  We are not from Our Lord’s hometown but we are his through the Church.  Through the faith granted us in Baptism, we have accepted him and all he has done for us.  The Church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is eager that we don’t forget any of the great events of Our Lord’s life – events that lead to our salvation.

In our own lives we want to be remembered.  In the same way, throughout the course of the liturgical year we are called to remember and to celebrate the great events of Our Lord’s life.


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