Saint Hyacinth joined the Order of Preachers after he witnessed a miracle performed by Saint Dominic.  He established the Order in his native Poland and preached the Gospel throughout Europe.  Hyacinth died in 1257 and was canonised in 1594.


The first reading today is a recital of the countless infidelities on the part of the people of Israel.  Time and time again they abandoned the God who had saved them only to turn to false gods and idols.  Precisely what their problem was is difficult to say, but it does appear that they failed to heed the repeated biblical message that humility is needed.  This humility recognizes that all depends on God, that we cannot do anything worthwhile without him.

The young man in the gospel turned away from Our Lord in order to rely on the false god of possessions.  We’re told he was very wealthy and he was willing to depend on his wealth rather than Our Lord for happiness in this life and in the life to come.   He doesn’t appear to have been overly greedy, but his basic flaw was that he wasn’t humble enough to admit that everything comes from God and not from himself or his financial abilities.

I think it can be said that each of us has a false god in our lives to whom we are tempted to pay allegiance.  It may be money or it may be a number of other things, even people.  Whatever or whoever we are tempted to depend on rather than God is a false god.

Participating in Mass every day helps us keep on the right track.  At daily Mass we profess that God comes first in our lives, and we pray before Holy Communion in the Our Father that we will not fall into temptation.  In receiving the Body and Blood of Christ we express our belief that Christ is the only and true source of all our strength and that we simply cannot get along without him.


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