We have all seen many crucifixes.  In the Catholic world they are all around us.  But how do we really look at them?  Perhaps after years of exposure to them, we don’t see them as we used to see them.  Or perhaps we see them as simply another piece of Catholic art on the wall.

Every day we should look at the crucifix in a personal way.  Today we consider the Israelites in the desert, punished with poisonous snakebites for grumbling against God.  When they looked at the serpent Moses mounted on the pole they were healed.  This serpent was more than a symbol for them—it was their only hope.  And looking at it meant they acknowledged that they had been one of those who grumbled against God and were in need of his forgiveness and mercy.

The Church compares Jesus lifted up on the Cross to the serpent lifted up for the healing of the Israelites.  We can experience the victory and the Triumph of the Cross if we look at it with our spiritual eyes.  What Jesus did on the Cross brings us salvation and healing.

And so today let us try to see the Cross again for the first time.  Let us consider and meditate upon Our Lord’s cruel suffering, his agonising death, and his glorious resurrection as something he did for us – something that brings us new life.

We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you, because by your holy Cross you have redeemed the world.


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