One day, Our Lord turned to his disciples and said: Blessed are the eyes that see what you see! (Luke 10:23).  These words can be applied to us when we pray the Rosary; because in the Mysteries of the Rosary we see the Saviour live his life of love all over again, and his life makes it plain that God is Love.

The Church wants us to learn more about our faith, about the great mysteries of redemption.  Even though Christ walked this earth two thousand years ago, his saving work continues.  We won’t love very deeply unless and until we have become saturated with the Mysteries of Christ.  These Mysteries are the heart and soul of God’s loving work for us.  The Rosary gives us an easy way to reflect upon the Mysteries of our salvation.

Too many people become so bogged down with the observance of laws and duties that they overlook the finer things of God.  We can forget to keep our focus on God’s love.  Perhaps that’s why some Catholics find their faith so hard to live.

Praying the Rosary is a way to keep our focus.  It requires not just that we think upon the Mystery proposed for our meditation, but that we allow the Christ who is revealed in that living picture to work in us and through us.  Thinking lovingly and praying as best we can mean that we allow him into our lives.  He becomes real to us and so little by little he occupies a larger part in our lives.

This is why the Rosary is so fruitful and even so necessary for every Catholic.  Many people nowadays simply don’t have the time to sit down and read the latest books on theology or the spiritual life.  People who work or who care for a family can’t spend a long time in mental prayer.  God calls each of us to our own particular vocation and apostolate, and to our own daily routine duties.  And so God calls us to a form of prayer that is appropriate to our specific needs.  When that prayer leads us to know and love Christ, then we can bring Christ to the world.

The Rosary is a prayer that gives us an opportunity to make the daily and necessary contact with the redeeming Christ in the Mysteries of his love.  And as we contemplate Our Lord’s life during our Rosary meditation, we ask Mary to obtain for us the grace of always remaining in Christ’s love.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.


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