Thursday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time

Why do we find it so easy to judge other people?  Some people we just don’t get along with and they get under our skin and rub us up the wrong way, and we end up harbouring uncharitable thoughts against them.  Instead of praying for them and trying to get along with them, we judge them, or we simply do our best to ignore their presence in our world.

Now, it stands to reason that if I stand in judgement on another person, then I am the one who needs to change my life.  Like the lost sheep wandering about on the hillside we don’t realise we are lost and we think we are doing just fine.  We are so caught up in our own little world we may convince ourselves that it’s the other 99 sheep who are wandering aimlessly without any direction.

From time to time we need to look at ourselves in the light of Christ, and we need to realize that we may be the ones who need to repent, that we are the ones who need to change our lives.  And for this to happen we need to learn humility.  We need to keep our hearts and our minds focused on Christ.   Do we really want to try to explain to Our Lord why we thought it was okay for us to be a judge?  Why we thought it was okay to condemn someone else?

How will I explain to the Lord how I treated that person who so gets up my nose?  There can be no excuses and no explanation because the Just Judge will see what is in our heart.  And so, why wait until we come face to face with the Lord and be embarrassed by how we have treated other people?  Let us take the opportunity now to repent and convert our lives; because when we repent, not only do we save our souls, but we will find ourselves being much more merciful to others; we will give glory to God, and we will provide great rejoicing for the angels in heaven.


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