Our God can rightly be called the God of more than enough.  Just as Our Lord fed and fully satisfied thousands of people with just a few loaves and fish, so he wants to fully satisfy our deepest needs each time we receive him in the Eucharist.

The Mass is not just a commemoration of the Last Supper but also a commemoration of Our Lord’s victory on the Cross.  When we eat his Body and drink his Blood, we have the opportunity to participate in his death and resurrection.

At each Mass we commemorate Our Lord’s triumph over sin and death. If Christ had not died on the Cross, he would not have defeated sin.  And if he had not risen from the dead, death would still have power over us. But Christ has swallowed up death forever.  Now reigning in glory, he wants to wipe every tear from our eyes, cleanse our consciences, and remove all condemnation (Is. 25:8). This is how he satisfies us. Through the miracle of the Eucharist, he fills us beyond what ordinary food and drink can offer.

Participating at Mass has eternal value.  The food that Christ offers unites us to him and enables us to receive the inheritance that he has stored up for us.  Knowing this can give us great hope.  Our tears are wiped away not because we don’t have problems in this world but because Christ will do whatever it takes to strengthen us and make us more fruitful each day.  Our fears can dissipate in the Eucharist.  Our anxieties can be banished.  We can know the consolation of God’s love and experience victory over the challenges that weigh us down.  After all, the Mass is both a remembrance and a fresh experience of the victory that Christ won for all mankind on the Cross.  Like the thousands who ate and were satisfied with ordinary bread, each one of us can be filled to overflowing by the God who is the God of more than enough.


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