As time goes by we become only too aware of the fact that God’s ways are not our ways and that his values are not our values.  One of the characteristics of God as manifested in the Scriptures is that he is different.  You only need to think about the process of say, electing the leader of a political party.  These are long, drawn out and very expensive campaigns in which the candidates try to sell themselves to their party and to the public.  With little or no humility they proclaim their qualities and their virtues.   In the later stages of the process they may even resort to smear campaigns and other attacks on their opponents.  Theoretically the process is supposed to produce the best man or woman for the job; whether it does that or not, is debatable.

In stark contrast is God’s approach to his choice of a king to succeed Saul.  God sent his prophet Samuel to an insignificant little town called Bethlehem to seek out the most unlikely successor, the youngest son of a sheep farmer.  David, in spite of his own personal failings, would become the greatest king in the history of the Israelites.

We have been chosen by God to be a kingly and a priestly people.  God made this choice freely.  He didn’t look around to discover the most qualified people, or the most intelligent or the most influential and wealthy.  It was God who made David king and it was God who made us his people.  We should always remember that and give thanks to God for his unmerited goodness to us and never to take it for granted.


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