Today’s first reading was addressed to a generation of Israelites who lived long after the Covenant of Sinai when God promised to take care of his people provided they kept his commandments.  The people to whom this passage was read as part of a liturgical ritual were asked to renew the Covenant with God by their own personal commitment to him.

The new covenant was sealed in the Blood of Christ and we entered into that covenant through our baptism.  At the end of Lent we will be asked to renew our baptismal promises during the Paschal Vigil.  But we don’t have to wait until Easter to make a personal renewal of our baptism.  Those of us who are Religious don’t have to wait until the anniversary of our Profession to renew our commitment to God and the Order.  In the same way married couples don’t have to wait until the anniversary of their wedding to renew their marriage vows; it is something they should do every day as they express their love for one another.  The renewal of our baptism is something we can do today and every day, especially within the Mass.

During the Mass the bread we offer becomes the Body of Christ and the wine we offer becomes “the blood of the new and everlasting covenant.”  Our Lord will re-present the sacrificial offering of himself to the Father along with his absolute fidelity and his total love.  Our Lord invites us today to join with him in this sacrifice by renewing our own covenant with God.


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