Today’s gospel has a familiar ring to it, echoing events at the very beginning of Our Lord’s ministry.  Following Our Lord’s death, the disciples are confused they they’re not sure what to do, and some of them clearly return to their old jobs.  Peter and his friends go out fishing and they catch nothing.  A stranger on the shore tells them where to let down their nets, and they haul in a great catch of fish.  Our Lord challenges them to follow him and carry on his mission.  No wonder their hearts leap with joy.  Once again, they recognise Our Lord and they are eager to follow him.

This story is old, but it’s also radically new.  It is the same Jesus, but everything has changed.  No longer is he lim­ited by human frailty.  He prepares a meal for them, and offers them bread, and this draws their minds and hearts back to the Last Supper and the first Eucharist.

Sometimes we have flashbacks in our life of faith.  A line of Scripture may suddenly leap off the page, and our hearts thrill as we remember how that very word came alive to us many years ago.  Perhaps we are sad because someone we loved has died.  We see a friend or relative suffering, and we remember how God healed us or brought us through a dark time in our lives.

It’s good to remember what God has done for us in the past.  But we shouldn’t assume he will do the very same thing again.  Instead, we should join Saint Peter by jumping in and rushing to where Jesus is waiting for us.  United with Christ, we not only recall stories of the past but we also move forward into the new work God is asking us to do today.


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