Now it’s pretty obvious that when Our Lord says something, we his people should pay attention.  So how do you think we should respond when Our Lord says the same thing three times in the course of only five sentences?  And what if he made this threefold appeal as part of his final words—the last things he wanted to impress upon his disciples before he went to his death?  Surely we should sit up and take notice.

In today’s gospel, Our Lord goes out of his way to tell us that we should feel free to ask our heavenly Father for whatever we need.  Just think about how eager children ask their parents for something over and over again until they get what they want.  I’m sure most, if not all of us, badgered our parents in the very same way, wheedling and whining and putting on the waterworks.  Little children are confident that if they persist, their parents will eventually grant their request.  Imagine if we could have that very same confidence in approaching God with our needs, but without the petulant attitude.

As Catholics, we tend to do pretty well when we are asked to carry our cross.  When we are sick, we may ask if Our Lord is asking us to bear up under this infirmity as penance for our sins, or as a form of penance or intercession for others.  When we are in financial need, we assume that Our Lord is asking us to suffer for the sake of his kingdom.  Now while God may ask us to carry the Cross, we need to balance this approach with the understanding that our heavenly Father also wants to give good gifts to his children. We should never be afraid to ask God for a miracle.  And most of all, we must never lose hope that God loves us and wants the best for us.



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