With the big in-out referendum looming I’ve listened to several debates on the BBC, and I heard one politician talk about family values in the EU.  But when pressed the politician couldn’t define what he meant by family values and how it related to the referendum.  And I thought, if the politicians don’t know what they’re talking about, how should we know how to cast our vote on polling day.

Saint Jude tries to convey family values of the first century.  Saint Jude wrote his Letter during a time when erroneous teachings were growing and spreading in the Early Church.  Saint Jude recommends several courses of action that should unite the early Christians in their common faith.  Can we find support in these words for the Church and for our society today?

Saint Jude recommends prayer, perseverance in God’s love, surrender to the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, correction of those who are confused and mistaken, rescuing some from damnation, and exercising caution with those living in sin.  These suggestions all seem just as viable today as they were in the first century.  And beyond them all is a reminder: “There is One who can protect you from a fall and make you stand unblemished and exultant in the presence of his glory.”  This reminder frames Saint Jude’s other recommendations.  We are to depend only on God, through his Son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Only in the humanity and the divinity of Christ will we find genuine family values for the Church, for Europe, and for our world today.


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