“There’s no place like home.”  This old saying strikes a chord with all of us.  We all need a place where we can go, shut the door, and be alone.  Even birds and foxes build shelters for themselves and their young.  Our Lord didn’t appear to have a base of operations; he was always on the move, and perhaps that’s why he challenged these two men we hear about in the Gospel today.  Our Lord wanted them to take a closer look at the job description before they signed up.

Now, it wasn’t that these men were insincere, they were clearly quite keen on following Our Lord.  We are all aware that discipleship depends on commitment.  Discipleship may not require us to travel to the ends of the earth, or sever every family tie, but it does require something more difficult: we need to surrender our will.  We may have the best of intentions and be very sincere, but we must also be willing to give up our attachments to this world’s values and comforts.  We can’t finish our journey with Jesus if we keep one foot on the shore just in case things get rough out at sea.

The sacrifices we make for God are nothing compared to the rewards we receive from him.  When we die to ourselves and embrace the Cross, we find a new home in Jesus.  No matter what storms rage on around us, we have a place to lay our head.  And it’s so much better than any comfort this world can offer us.  Just as Our Lord did during his time on earth, when we are troubled or tired we can call on our Father.  He will always refresh and strengthen us for the journey ahead.  When we walk with God, there really is “no place like home.”


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