Wednesday of Week 15 in Ordinary Time

In his prayer to the Father, Our Lord acknowledged that divine wisdom is hidden from “the learned and the clever” (Matthew 11:25).  Now, why would God keep himself hidden like this, especially from those reputed to have wisdom in the first place?  Wouldn’t a better strategy be to reveal himself to them first and use them to convince the less educated?  If we look at the way God has worked throughout history we can see that it’s more a case of people trying to hide from God rather than his attempts to hide from us.

God doesn’t want to remain hidden.  He wants to reveal himself.  He wants to show us his mind and his heart.  But as Our Lord said, God reveals himself, not to the childish, but to the childlike.  And that’s the challenge for all of us.  God wants to reveal himself to us freely.  We don’t have to earn this gift.

And yet accepting divine revelation can be very costly.  It’s costly because it demands that we confess our need for God.  Despite our learning and our lists of degrees, we don’t have all the answers about life, the Universe and everything.  And for clever people, admitting this isn’t easy.  It cuts away at our pride and puts us in a position of dependence.  Divine Revelation is costly because it also means giving up control of our lives and allowing Jesus to reign in our hearts.

Because of his childlike nature, Our Lord was able to hear his Father at all times.  His heart was always open to the Father’s revelation and wisdom.  May we follow Our Lord’s example and become like little children in the presence of our heavenly Father.


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