Most, if not all of us, like to keep photographs of family members and friends as a reminder of the some of the most important people in our lives.  Some burdens are actually lightened by knowing who benefits when we carry them.  What we most desire deeply influences ordinary and seemingly insignificant choices.

Keeping these photographs may have an unintended consequence, asking us to reflect on our priorities.  What kind of person am I becoming?  Is that person what my family or my community needs?  Do they need something which I am unwilling or unable to give?

Many people carry heavy responsibilities and simply believing in God doesn’t prevent tragedies from happening, but our faith can offer a life-giving way of dealing with them.

Our Lord encourages us to come to him for rest and refreshment, whatever our burdens.  In the first reading the prophet Isaiah praises the people of Judah for repenting from the sin of idolatry in worshipping their own accomplishments.  Like the people of Judah, we need to be reminded that God alone is all good and stands behind whatever success we enjoy.

If we follow the example of countless saints and make God the desire of our souls, then we will spend time in prayer, which in turn nourishes and reinforces our desire.  We will also be faithful to the Church and its teaching.  In a way, we keep a picture of God before us in our life and our work.  And we in turn become living signs of God’s love.


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