Sometimes we need something spectacular to free us from weariness or discouragement.  The Olympic Games have just started and, for some people, simply watching the events on TV raises their spirit, especially when the British win gold medals.  Our Lord was preparing his disciples for his coming death, and perhaps they needed a bit of a boost.

Peter, James and John saw Our Lord transfigured in all of his divine glory.  The Greek word that Mark used to describe Our Lord’s appearance could also be used to describe light flashing off gold or the brilliance of the sun.  And if that wasn’t enough, two great heroes of the Jewish faith, Moses and Elijah, appeared as well.  Finally, a cloud overshadowed them all, and the disciples heard God the Father’s voice declare: “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him”.

How vital this awe-inspiring experience must have been to the disciples.  As the events leading up to the Cross began to unfold, they would be able to remember how God reassured them and gave them a glimpse of the glory that was coming.  As the Pharisees and scribes challenged Our Lord’s every word and action, they could recall Moses and Elijah giving him their seal of approval.  As they saw Our Lord arrested, beaten, and cruci­fied, this vision would help them remember that Our Lord’s death was not the end of the story, but the beginning.

In a similar way, God wants to give us a powerful revelation today so that we too can take heart, so that we will have the courage and the desire to follow his Son, even to Calvary.


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