There comes a time in each of our lives when we must make the transition from drinking milk to eating solid food.  Every time we read the Scriptures or hear them proclaimed at Mass, we receive eternal truths.  And every time we experience God’s love in our heart, that experience is meant to teach us as well.  Such experiences can be life-changing.  Every moment of every hour of every day God is at work trying to take us from surviving on milk to being able to eat solid food.

Saint Paul uses this image to show how God wants to reshape the way we think and act in the world.  We often think of the call to holiness as a matter of moving from “head knowledge” to “heart knowledge.”  There comes a time when we must begin to practice what we preach.  But first we need to learn how to use our minds the right way, even as we need to open our hearts to God.  That’s the only way that we will begin to look at the world with his eyes, seeing each other through the clear filter of his love and his truth.

This is how we can avoid the mistakes made by the Christians in Corinth.  With our minds, we need to agree that we are all brothers and sisters to each other.  If we can accept the truth that we are all members of the same family, equally loved and equally redeemed by Christ, only then will our petty rivalries and empire building fall apart.

But head knowledge isn’t enough.  It needs to be supported by heart knowledge.  And for that, we need to open our hearts to God.  Seeing how much God loves us, despite our many weaknesses and flaws, can soften our hearts towards other people and teach us to treat one another with the same respect and compassion that God has for us.  One of the greatest lessons we can learn is how to love one other—and love is a matter of the heart and the mind working together.

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