One of my former Scripture professors, who just happened to be a Dominican (and an American), described Our Lord’s night on the mountain in interesting terms.  He said that Our Lord was ‘dunking himself’ in the Spirit.  In other words, He became like a sponge soaking himself in the reality of God.  Only when he was saturated with the Spirit could he attend to the task of selecting those who would be his Apostles.

Now, if Our Lord required such intensity of prayer before making important decisions, can we expect to make wise choices without prayer?  Like Our Lord we need to learn how to immerse ourselves in God’s presence and remain there until we are filled to overflowing with God: soaked like a sponge.

We are people of prayer, if we weren’t we wouldn’t be here today.  Each of us is called to continual conversion to God’s ways, and conversion comes about through spending time with God in prayer.  Now we all know this and yet we can still unearth a million excuses for not devoting longer periods to prayer, we can always find something else that needs to be done, and we can become habitually late for the appointed times of prayer.

The more time we spend with God, the more nourishment we receive for our spirits.  Each of us must determine if, when and how we will find a ‘night on the mountain’ to spend in communion with God.

Just as we are what we eat in the Eucharist, we are also in communion with what, and whom, we immerse ourselves through prayer.

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