I don’t think I’ve ever revisited the previous day’s homily, but yesterday’s Gospel affects us all, whether we have money or not.  Even as poor Religious, we administer money and we have to be good stewards of what our superiors have entrusted to us.

It puts me in mind of the story about the dying man who won the lottery.  Concerned that the excitement would be too much for him, the man’s family asked their parish priest to tell him the good news.  When the priest told the man that he had won £38 million, the man replied, “I want to give half of it to the Church.”  The priest was so surprised that he had a heart attack.  This little story tells us how much of an impact money can have on us.

So, once again, we should ask ourselves what our attitude is towards money; bearing in mind that having money is certainly not a sin.  It’s our love of money that separates us from God.

Our Lord asks us to be good stewards of our money.  He wants us to be prudent, honest, and responsible.  We should never allow greed or dishonesty to dominate us.  Instead, we should use our money wisely, invest it wisely, and be as generous as we can towards those in need.

I expect most, if not all, religious communities support some charity or other.  I remember reading about the Cistercians giving away all their profits at the end of the year and starting over, not even keeping something back for a rainy day.  Even if we can give only a small amount, this shows a key aspect of our stewardship.  We hear in the first reading today: “Do not refuse a kindness to anyone who begs it”.   We can be sure that whenever we give away our earthly treasures, God will reward us with heavenly treasures.

Our money, like everything else that exists, ultimately belongs to God.  We are just stewards of it, so let us ask God today to teach us how to be good stewards of his creation.

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