Thursday of Week 25 in Ordinary Time

One of my earliest memories as a child is hearing my mother sing Doris Day’s smash hit “Que Sera, Sera” (Whatever will be, will be).  It’s the same note the author of Ecclesiastes sounded as he contemplated the same old sameness of human existence.

Does anything new really happen?  Some people feel as if they go through the same old routine, day after day.  And yet we see new technologies and new discoveries all around us, but does anything really change?  We may have the latest smartphone or the newest gadget filled car, but it doesn’t make a dent in who we are or how we relate to other people.

What the writer of Ecclesiastes couldn’t yet see, and we sometimes fail to see, is that there really is something new under the sun.  Because of Our Lord’s resurrection, we can start each day in hope.  We heard yesterday how Matthew’s life changed completely when Our Lord called him.  In just the same way we are invited to live a new life with far wider horizons, a life that offers us greater and greater transformation into God’s image.

The resurrection does change everything.  It’s not just an article of our faith; it’s a promise that can become the foundation of our hope and joy.  It’s also something we can begin to experience here and now.  We don’t have to wait for heaven.

The author of Ecclesiastes looked out on a bleak landscape and saw nothing worth getting excited about.  All he saw was a meaningless, endless cycle of life and death, leading to nothing.  That doesn’t have to be our vision.  Today may look like every other Thursday of our life, but in God’s eyes, it’s brimming with potential.  Every day brings new opportunities, because every day brings new challenges.  Every day, there absolutely is something new under the sun.

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