Saint Francis of Assisi is one of those rare saints who managed to capture the attention and admiration of the entire world.  His life and work continue to inspire so many people, and his appeal cuts across national boundaries and even religious differences.

On this, his feast day, we should reflect on his profound respect for God and his concern and attention for creation.   Many household pets will, I am sure have received today a loving pat on the head, and maybe a special meal, compliments of Saint Francis.  If you bump into Lucian today, please feel free to feed him a few treats.

While I was a student in Rome I had the opportunity to visit several times the lovely medieval city of Assisi, I also visited his former hermitage high in the Apennine Mountains.  From there you get a wonderful panoramic view of the valley around Assisi and that sight alone makes one appreciate the beauty and skill of God’s creation.

The life and witness of Saint Francis continues to challenge us to sort through our lives and to discard what is useless.  Saint Francis is a prime example of a peaceful person and his holiness of life was so evident.  He was canonised only two years after his death.

Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us.



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