One of the most interesting topics I remember from studying physics is something called the Butterfly Effect.  Now the Butterfly Effect theory maintains that something as slight and seemingly insignificant as the gentle fluttering of a butterfly wing has an immeasurable effect throughout the universe.  Now this shouldn’t surprise us because we’ve just heard Our Lord’s parable about the mustard seed and the yeast.  In the parable, Our Lord tells us that the transforming effect of the Kingdom of God is initiated by something as small and insignificant as a tiny mustard seed.

Now, we all know what happens when we plant a tiny seed in the soil.  If we water it and care for it, eventually and depending on what sort of seed we plant, it will grow; and over a period of time it could grow into a huge tree.  All those tiny acorns we see scattered on the ground outside have the potential to grow into a tree as huge as the one we see just a few feet away from us.

We don’t have to be super-holy to be numbered among the saints, and yet the slightest gesture on our part, just so long as it’s filled with life and love, has the power to bring about God’s Kingdom in our midst.  So, every time we are kind, or generous, or compassionate, we help to establish God’s Kingdom.

There are all sorts of different places in which we can do good, not least in our own community, and among the people with whom we share our lives.  Every day we encounter many opportunities to establish God’s Kingdom in our midst.



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