Our Lord never taught that money, in itself, is necessarily bad; rather the love of money for selfish gain is, as Saint Paul says, “the root of all evils”.  Money has an uncanny ability to gain a foothold in so many people’s hearts and become the determining factor in so many of our decisions.

Money can certainly enhance our security, our prestige, and our ability to pursue pleasure, and yet it can never guarantee happiness.  Even so, people often pursue it as an idol, hoping to become wealthier and wealthier so that they can become happier and happier.  But the fact remains that no amount of finite wealth can meet our deepest needs.  Only God, who has infinite resources, can do that.

Our Lord said that anyone who is faithful in small things will be faithful great things.  One way to interpret this statement is to think in terms of our material and spiritual resources.  God certainly wants us to exercise good stewardship over our finances.  Wherever we may be on the income scale, he wants us to learn how to live within our means.  And since God wants us to be generous, we should always look beyond our own needs to the needs of others.

God also wants us to be good stewards of our spiritual treasures.  He wants us to accumulate treasure in heaven rather than stockpile here on earth.

And so, let us thank God for all he has given us.  Let us pray for those who are in material or spiritual need.  Let us put all our resources to work for God’s Kingdom, for this is true prosperity.



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