One reaction to reading the Book of Revelation can be: ‘Gosh, Saint John really had a vivid imagination!’  But Saint John didn’t make this up.  He found a creative way of writing down what he had experienced, so that he could encourage others to keep faith in difficult times.

God is always calling people into a deeper relationship with him by speaking his word to their hearts.  For example, Saint Teresa was just another ordinary nun when Our Lord asked her to serve the poorest of the poor in Calcutta.  Saint Francis of Assisi was the spoiled son of a businessman when he heard the call to embrace absolute poverty and to rebuild the church.  Saint Dominic was called to proclaim the truth of the Gospel.

And in just the same way Our Lord speaks to us.  He inspires a sense of vocation in our hearts.  Now, we know, of course that Our Lord speaks to us in many different ways; he may place a thought in our mind, or give us a mental picture, or put a person or a situation in our lives.  No matter how it happens, the key element is that we know in our heart that what we have experienced didn’t originate from within ourselves.  There is a distinct sense that this particular word or image was from God himself, and that we must act upon it.  And this, we call vocation, and it has led us to this place.  So, let us thank God for that, and always do our best to respond generously to his call.



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