There are times when we get to the point where we realise that we are well and truly stuck.  We have a habit or a fault that we just can’t seem to conquer, no matter what we do.  It can become so frustrating that we are tempted to despair of ever getting over it.

The paralysed man in today’s gospel may have felt like this.  After all, he certainly couldn’t improve his situation.  He had to be carried around to wherever he wanted to go.  Yet when his friends brought him to Jesus, Our Lord wasn’t overwhelmed by his condition.  He took it all in his stride.  With just a few words, he forgave the man his sins, and then, with another simple command, he healed him completely.

Given the right circumstances, just about anything can paralyse us: from little annoying habits to serious addictions.  We too can end up feeling just as helpless as the man in today’s gospel.  But Our Lord took command over the man’s paralysis as if it were a head cold, and he wants to do the same for us each and every day.  No matter what may be holding us down, Our Lord is bigger.  He is powerful even when we feel helpless.  He is strong when we cannot find any more energy to fight.

We should never resign ourselves to being bound by chains that keep us from living fully the life God has called us to.  God wants to pour out his healing power upon all of us, just as an earthly father delights in giving his children the best Christmas presents possible.  We must never be afraid to turn to him for healing and restoration.



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