An important duty of parents is to teach their children to talk.   And in the long, laborious process, there’s one word which every child seems to learn by themselves, a word which no one has to teach them.  And that word is No.  There are many things children say no to, such as eating their vegetables, and going to bed at the proper time.  It would be the easiest thing in the world for parents simply to allow a child to do whatever he wants – then there would be no more tears, no more tantrums. There would be peace in the house.  And yet such complete indulgence is in no way a sign of love.  Parents who don’t take the time and effort to guide their children have abandoned their role.  There’s no way children can be expected to know what is good for them.  Parents have the right and the duty to both guide and discipline their children because they are wiser and more experienced.

God is infinitely wise and his experience is unrivalled.  And that’s why he says: I the Lord your God teach you what is for your good, and lead you on the way you should go.  No matter how old we are, or how much experience and knowledge we have gained, in relation to God we are still his children.  Without his guidance, we would be worse off than a small child trying to grow up without parents.  Ignoring God’s commandments can only make a shambles of our lives.  This was the bitter lesson the Jews had to learn, for their exile in Babylon came as the result of their disobedience.

We should be grateful to God that he loves us enough to take the time and the effort to guide us through life by means of his commandments.  The biggest mistake we can make is to say no to God.



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