The Order of Preachers honours Saint Zedíslava as a faithful wife and a loving mother who raised four children, but her care extended to all those in need, especially the sick and the poor.  Saint Zedíslava was one of the first Lay Dominicans and established two Dominican priories.  Died 1252.  Canonised by Pope John Paul II in 1995.  We remember in our prayers today all those people associated with the Order and especially the friends and benefactors of our own community.


We all know how quickly word of mouth can spread.  The day after John the Baptist publicly testified that Jesus was the Lamb of God, he repeated it privately to two of his disciples, setting off an amazing chain reaction.  First, Andrew went to investigate Jesus.  After just one day with him, Andrew was so excited that he told his brother, Simon.  Coming face-to-face with Jesus, Simon began a new life as Peter, the Rock on which Our Lord would establish his Church.  Philip took his testimony to Nathaniel, who was soon declaring Jesus to be “Son of God” and the “King of Israel”.

The word of a friend, an open heart, an encounter with Our Lord, and the Church began.  Obscure fishermen became empowered apostles, and nothing would ever be the same again, for them, or for the world.

Like the disciples, we too get to know Jesus simply by spending time with him.  We can talk with him in prayer and meet him in Scripture and in the Sacraments and the teachings of the Church.  We can spend time with him on retreat and on days of recollection; we can kneel before him in the Blessed Sacrament, and at Mass and during the Office.  In these and many more ways Our Lord wants to reveal himself to us as the Lamb of God, the Messiah, our Redeemer, our Saviour.  He invites us to be part of the same adventure that captivated his first disciples.  He wants to see us spark a chain reaction of faith among the people with whom we share our lives.  As the New Year begins to take hold, let us commit ourselves to attitudes and practices that will help us spend more time with Our Lord.


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