5 January

The call to love is at the very heart of our faith.  And what could be a simpler or more effective way of evangelization?  Forget about your multiple academic degrees and qualifications; the relationships we form with each other are meant to be at the source of our ability to evangelize.  No matter that such relationships are rare in the world today.  No matter that they seem virtually impossible if God is not part of them.  The fact remains that peaceful, joyful, united lives are still capable of speaking volumes to the world about the power and the love of God.

There are those who think of evangelization simply as clever and persuasive words that inspire others about Jesus and his Gospel.  As accurate as this may be in theory, in many practical instances, we can have an even greater effect on people’s faith through the witness of our actions than by our many words.  Words without actions are useless.  It’s all very well preaching theory, but without a practical application, what’s the point?  Love, care, concern, compassion, generosity, fidelity, good example; these have the power to melt hearts and convince minds far better than an abundance of eloquent doctrine, theology, or defences of Christianity.

I read, just this morning, that ‘Love is a verb, without action it is merely a word’.  Love shows itself in many practical ways.  As St. John says, we are to love “not only in word or speech, but in truth and action” as well (1 John 3:18).



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