Friday of Week 2 in Ordinary Time

Our Lord chose and called those he wanted to be his disciples; these twelve men responded to Our Lord’s call and followed him.  Right from the start Our Lord gave us a model of ministry as something to be shared.  His wasn’t a do it yourself religion and I’m sure even Our Lord had to resist the temptation to do the job himself rather than entrust it to others.

Conversion isn’t something that happens to us through the ministry of other people.  Rather it comes about through our ministering to others.  Someone said that the best teachers learn the most in their own efforts to teach.

By sharing his ministry with his Apostles, Our Lord opened their eyes to the depth of the Father’s love for his creation, and to the power of his healing touch, which could work wonders even through the likes of them.

And who does Our Lord choose?  Well, even a superficial look at the names of the Twelve reminds us that there wasn’t just one type or personality.  Some of them were talkative, inquisitive and challenging.  Others were so quiet that we hardly know more than their names.

We, who are called to minister with Our Lord today, we’re also a mixed bunch.  Our Lord asks of us what he asked of those first twelve men: “Come, follow me”.  We must be willing to share the message he has given us; and following his model of ministry, share the tasks with one another.



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