Saint John Bosco

Today we honour the memory of Saint John Bosco, a working class man from a working class family who shows us that even we can become saints.  John Bosco devoted his life to the education of the young and he founded the Salesians who continue his work today.  He died in 1888 and was canonised in 1934.


I would dare to say that when we were children, we all played hide and seek.  Some of us may have thought that we were somehow invisible, even if we were in plain sight of other children.

This is how the woman in today’s Gospel approached Jesus—she tried to hide herself in plain sight.  Maybe she was ashamed.  With her condition, she would have been considered ‘unclean’, and people would have avoided touching her.  Maybe she feared being ridiculed by the crowd.  Maybe she didn’t want to take the risk that Jesus might reject her.  After all, he was her last chance.

So, she tried to hide in the crowd even as she reached out for Jesus.  But she didn’t hide all that well.  Our Lord sensed that her touch was different from everyone else’s.  He could tell that her faith was connecting with his healing power.

Do we sometimes want to hide from Jesus?  He can see our needs, our shame, and our sins just as clearly as we can see that child playing hide-and-seek.

But Our Lord doesn’t see only our hidden faults.  He sees our hidden virtues too.  He sees every step of faith, every humble act of service, every silent prayer, and each one is precious to him.  And just as he commended the woman’s faith, so he commends us when we act in faith.  And not only that, he pours out even more grace on us in response.

Let us never hide from Jesus because of fear or shame, because if we do we will never hear those gracious words he spoke to the woman today: “Your faith has saved you”.



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