One of the most difficult lessons we have to learn as Christians is that the Kingdom of God is to be found in the common everyday experiences of our lives, and really, that for which we are seeking is already in our midst.

Our Lord compared the Kingdom of God to the way a seed grows in the fertile ground, and once it’s grown it takes on a life of its own; and when the crop is ready and the harvest is gathered in, the process is completed.  So it is with the Kingdom of God and the final end for which we hope.

In our lives of faith, we till the soil, we plant the seeds, we pick out the weeds and we water and feed the fragile gifts we have been given.  We have good times and we have bad times, but we always have surprises and new challenges.

Today we celebrate the Feast of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, two brothers who tilled the Lord’s garden in Europe 1200 years ago.  They planted many seeds in the soil of faith, and Europe has reaped the crop they helped to sow.  We owe so much to those who have gone before us and we honour these two saints today as Patrons of Europe and we implore their continued intercession and protection.

So much of what God has to accomplish in and through us is done in ways we cannot see.  And yet so many of us are limited by how we chain ourselves to our own agendas and how we believe things should be done.  If we can only loosen up on these and see the bigger picture, then we will find gracious surprises, and find them in abundance, and the result for ourselves and for our world will be far more than anything we can grow in the small garden of our own life.

Saints Cyril and Methodius, pray for us.



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