Our lives are meant to reflect the relationship between God the Father and his Son, united by the love of the Holy Spirit.  Created as we are in God’s likeness and image, we approach the fulfilment of our human personalities through relationships here on earth that are a reflection of God’s own relationship with himself.  God is love, and a loving relationship helps us to become more like him.

Marriage is the most profound reflection of God.  God intends that it be a commitment for life, not because of some arbitrary law, but because marriage is meant to be a reflection of God’s own fidelity.  We simply can’t imagine God saying that he no longer loves his Son, or that he is bored with him, or that he wishes to explore a new way of living.  Married people cannot pretend to be equal to God, but they are called to strive to be like him.

Friendships too are meant to mirror the loving relationship which is God.  Friendships that are characterised by jealousy, possessiveness and lack of trust are not true friendships at all.   We can all recognise the kind of friend who reflects God’s love.   These people are willing to help at a moment’s notice, and they are always available to listen when we need a ready ear.  They are the kind of people we are comfortable with, and they don’t place constant demands upon us and our time.  In their love, they are generous and unselfish.

Life is a time for growth, a time for living in loving relationships with each other, so that we may truly reflect the image of God according to which we have been created.



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