Thursday of the 4th Week of Lent

Imagine, for a moment, a world without mirrors.  For most people today life would never be the same again.  We wouldn’t see how we looked in the morning before starting our daily activities.  We wouldn’t check in on our appearance countless times throughout the day just to see how we’re doing and make those little adjustments that vanity or just plain good manners demand.

Not only would we not depend upon a mirror for our self-image, everyone else would look different too.   I suppose the world would be a lot less neat without mirrors, but then, no one would be the wiser!

We humans really depend on both mirrors and the perceptions of others in sizing ourselves up.   Our Lord warns in today’s Gospel that we ought to look elsewhere for our self-image.   He chastises his listeners, the good, law-abiding religious people, for accepting praise from one another but not seeking the glory that comes from God.

We are all made in God’s image.   We know this from the story of the creation.   Yet we humans continually try to make ourselves into each other’s images.   That’s why mirrors are practically everywhere in our lives.   That’s why we seek the praise of others.

Look into a mirror a little differently when you get the chance.   Look deep into the reflection of your own eyes.   Behold, within yourself, the created image of God.   Seek the glory that comes from God by loving from that place within you where God dwells.   And remember that when we love we participate in the life of God.



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