Many years ago I witnessed a road accident and I was summoned to the local Magistrate’s Court to give evidence for the police prosecution.  Now it seems to be part of the defending lawyer’s job to do his or her best to prove that the wit­ness is mistaken.  After all, human memory is fallible, and witnesses can be wrong—their testimony can result in the wrongful conviction of an innocent person.  It happens all the time.  But it’s very hard to tell people who are convinced they saw something with their own eyes that it really didn’t happen.

The Apostles who were called to appear before the Sanhedrin were just those kind of witnesses.  They had been ordered to stop telling people about Jesus, but they couldn’t see any reason to comply.  They had given up everything to follow him.  They knew who he was.  They had heard the news of his Resurrection but were slow to believe it, but then they saw him—alive.  Nothing could convince them to stop spreading this good news.

Now how does this apply to us?  None of us was present at the Resurrection.  We haven’t seen Jesus with our own eyes.  So who is going to believe us?  Well, lots of people.  We have a witness to speak for us: the Holy Spirit who comes to testify to the truth of the Gospel.  He comes to reveal Jesus as the Son of God.  He is the expert witness we can all rely on.

Like the Apostles, we too can say, “I know what I saw.”  We don’t have to rely on our own speak­ing skills or intelligence to share the Gospel.  Instead, we can relax, act nat­urally, and share the truth of what God has done in our lives.

So we should let the Holy Spirit take care of the supernatural part.  We should allow him to reveal his presence through us, because with his help we can move mountains.



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