Saint Luke tells us that after Mary said “yes” to the angel’s invitation to bear God’s Son, she “arose and went with haste” to Elizabeth’s home (Luke 1:39).  Try to imagine what might have been on Mary’s mind as she made this journey.  Think of how she must have rejoiced at all that God was doing in her, even as she entrusted to God all her concerns or fears about the child miraculously growing in her womb.

We can look at Mary’s Magnificat as the fruit of her reflection during this journey.  As Mary considered what was taking place, she recognized that all the joy foretold by the Old Testament prophets had come to rest on her.  All of Israel’s deepest hopes and desires would find their answer in her child.  She marveled that what God was doing through her was intended for all people, and not just Israel.  Her whole being was caught up in the God whose greatness was magnified by the lowly vessel he had chosen to accomplish his purposes.  Mary knew that in her lowliness God’s power was manifested.

As she prayed, Mary came to see God’s grace in a whole new way.  She came to understand that God comes to the aid of the poor and humble, not the rich and mighty.  This glimpse of God’s character thrilled Mary and filled her with hope, because in faith she could see that the God of mercy had indeed fulfilled his promises to Israel.

We should often ponder God’s work in history and in our own lives, so that we can join the Mother of God in singing the praises of our great God and King.

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