Tobit has been blinded by a freak accident, and his wife has turned against him, but in spite of all his troubles, Tobit remained completely faithful to God.

Sarah was also in sorry straits.  Every time she married, her poor husband died almost immediately, and this had happened seven times.  Sarah’s maid taunted her as Tobit’s wife had taunted him.  Near despair Sarah went to her room and considered suicide.  But she thought better of it and instead poured out her heart to God in prayer.  Later we shall see how God heard the prayers of both these people: Tobit would recover his sight, and Sarah would find a husband who survives the wedding night.

What we learn from Tobit and Sarah’s experience is that God does hear the prayers of his faithful people.  And we also know that God answers prayers, not always in the way we expect, but in his own way and in his own time.

We would all like to have our prayers answered immediately.  But we have to accept God’s plan.  And that plan may not answer needs we think we have, but it does guarantee the final answer to all our prayers.  In our faithfulness to God we have the assurance that “Christ will raise our mortal bodies and make them like his own in glory”.  We will share his kingdom “where every tear will be wiped away”.



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