For some reason, it’s getting harder for reporters and ordinary people to get a straight answer out of politicians.  What does Our Lord say to us today?  Let your “Yes” mean “Yes,” and your “No” mean “No.”  One of the few things we expect from our elected representatives is for them to be honest and truthful with the electorate.  And it’s not only politicians who find it difficult to tell the whole truth, we are all disposed to twisting the truth when it suits us.

So, why is it so hard to be honest and truthful?  Is it because we are afraid or insecure?  Or maybe it’s hard sometimes to face the consequences of the truth.  Even the Prince of the Apostles told untruths.  In an attempt to save his own skin, Peter denied knowing Our Lord not once, but three times.  And yet, in contrast to Peter’s denial was Our Lord’s response when he was asked if he was the Messiah.  Jesus simply replied, “I Am” (Mark 14:62).  By giving such an answer, Our Lord signed his own death warrant.  Fear didn’t overcome him because he had placed himself in his Father’s hands and he knew that God’s Word could never be overcome.

At the Last Supper, Peter boldly proclaimed that he would willingly die for Jesus, but his bravado and enthusiasm soon evaporated when he saw how meekly Jesus surrendered to his enemies.  Peter discovered the sad truth that he could not follow Jesus to the Cross solely by the power of his own resolve.  It was only after Pentecost that he received the power of the Holy Spirit and began to preach the Gospel with courage, even in the face of punishment and death.

As we surrender our hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit, we learn how to master our emotional life and experience something of what it means to be holy.  The reality of heaven, the promises of a faithful God, and a healthy fear of sin work together to form in us the simple commitment to the truth that Our Lord revealed.  So let’s keep asking the Holy Spirit to mould us into the image of Christ.



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