I would dare to say that most of us don’t usually take to people who brag about their own accomplishments.  Their boasting leaves us thinking that they must be conceited to say the least.  In the first reading, Saint Paul boasts to the Corinthians, but his purpose is not to inflate his own ego but to put the Christians of Corinth back on the right path – the path that leads to life.

After Paul had preached the good news in Corinth and established the church there, some false preachers came along to turn Paul’s converts away from the true faith.  They were persuasive and Paul was so disturbed by this that he felt compelled to present the Corinthians with his credentials as a true Apostle to whom they should return in obedience and docility.  By all that he had endured for the Gospel, Paul demonstrated his love for Christ and for the Church, something the false apostles couldn’t do.

The Church in her liturgy boasts, not about herself, but about God.  One of the main purposes of the liturgy is to make present throughout the liturgical year all the saving acts of God from the conception and birth of Christ, through his life of ministry, and to the high point of his death and resurrection and the sending of the Holy Spirit.  And every Mass centres on that high point since every Mass is the living memorial of the death and resurrection of Christ.

The liturgy, constantly recalling all that God has done for us, wants us to appreciate that all God’s actions show his wisdom and his love.  We must never abandon God in order to follow the false apostles and prophets of our time whose only purpose is to deceive us.  Faithfully participating in the liturgy should help us to turn all the more in love and devotion to God.



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