Today we honour the memory of Blessed Jane, the mother of Saint Dominic, noted for her charity and sanctity and regarded as a saint during her own lifetime by her friends and neighbours.  Blessed Jane died in 1205 and was beatified in 1828.  Today we ask Blessed Jane’s intercession and protection for the Church and especially for the spiritual sons and daughters of her son Saint Dominic.


I’m sure most of us can readily identify with the merchant in today’s gospel.  Our Lord describes a treasure buried in a field, or a prized pearl.  But what are these things?  It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Precious gemstones are nothing but compressed rocks, and pearls are just irritants to oysters.  In the eyes of some beholders, Our Lord was just another Jewish teacher who caused a bit of a stir among the Jewish elite in Palestine.

But we know different.  For more than two thousand years people have left everything to follow Jesus, the “pearl of great price,” and they have all been rewarded beyond their wildest dreams.  And even we too have seen glimpses of this treasure.  Think of the different ways in which your heart has been touched and your eyes opened.  And if you can’t think of any just now, then consider the lengths Our Lord went to in order to redeem you.  Think about his immense suffering so that we could be forgiven.  Let these truths convince you that you can hear his patient wisdom for your life.  Let them prove to you that even in his glory Our Lord wants to humble himself to speak to you.  He even wants to give you his true Body and Blood to nourish your spiritual life.

For some, Our Lord has been a source of deliverance from patterns of sin with which they struggled for years.  For others, he may have restored a broken relationship.  He may have physically healed someone of illness or depression.

What could possibly be more attractive than Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Redeemer, and Deliverer?  The unconditional love he pours upon us, the freedom from sin, the fellowship of his Holy Spirit within us, the promise of eternal life in heaven with him: all of these things can move us each day to give a little bit more of our lives so that one day we might find ourselves completely given over to him.  There can be no argument for any us who have experienced his touch in our lives.  Like the precious pearl, Our Lord’s worth is well and truly beyond price.


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